Mød Karsten Rendemann på årsmødet

Måske så du ham i DR dokumentaren “Privatliv til salg”.

Her et hans oplæg til det oplæg han holder om fredagen.  (Det bliver muligvis på dansk)

Digitalization is a key driver behind the Danish and European economic development in the years to come. The biggest threat to digitalization is consumer distrust. If we don’t feel safe on-line we will interact less with the public sector and we will shop less on-line. The Data Industry is one of the fastest growing and most closed industries in the world. The value of traded consumer data within the EU is estimated to reach €1000 billion p.a. within a few years and empirical evidence is emerging about how Big Data change fundamental democratic principles, that we have taken for granted until now.
Learn how companies, you haven’t even heard of manage to place cookies into private and public sector websites, see how cookies track users as we browse the web using different devices and experience how other companies, dating sites, political movements etc. can use this information to expose users, that has sought specific information on a website they trust, with the information they want, where they want and whenever they want as the user visits other websites. Finally the presentation will advise how website owners can safeguard their sites and achieve legal compliance.
Karsten Rendemann is the founder of CookieInformation.dk, and as such a significant provider of cookie policies to Danish websites. He has been a key advisor to the Danish Business Agency on Cookie matters and he was featured in the DR1 Documentary: ‘Privacy For Sale’, which received an international nomination.