Program for Årsmødet 2015

Program multimedial 2015

Pris: 3333 kr

Torsdag 23/4 2015

10.00 Velkomst
10.30 Gry Høngsmark Knudsen, Syddansk Universitet
– Kæledyrsalgoritmen og andre (markeds)fænomener på de sociale medier
11.30 Pause – Bogudstilling åbner
12.00 Mo Syed, UX designer, London
– E-commerce and the value of design
How Enlightenment thinking can transform organisations & design.
What is the business impact of design thinking within the organisation? This talk explores how ideas from the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution can help designers and organisations re-think the way they approach design as a transformative process and look at how an authentic culture of design can be cultivated by designers and the organisations they work in.
Mo has designed interactive experiences and developed product stategy for a range of and brands including Flybe, Vodafone, Premier Inn, Thomson Reuters and Royal Bank of Scotland.
He has also trained teams from Superdrug, House of Fraiser and other UK e-commerce retailers in conversion rate optimisation and how to implement a design processes that consistently adds value to their bottom line. Mo speaks regularly at a range of industry events, including Webdagene 2014 (Norway), UX Riga 2014/15 and UX People (London).

13:00 Frokost
14:00 Parallelle workshops:

Ecommerce optimization
– Mo Syed
Conversion Rate Optimisation for eCommerce
This workshop will present a psychological model of how users interact with an experience and work through design examples showing both effective approaches and common pitfalls. We will explore how to develop a data and research driven process to continually improve the performance of designs.
Workshop outcomes:
• Have a psychological model to help understand why users behave the way they do in your digital channels
• Understand the most practically applicable research for ecommerce design
• Be able to use web analytics and a variety of data sources to objectively and sustainably guide design
• Know how to plan and design an A/B and multivariate test
• Have clear design case studies of what works and what doesn’t work for conversion
• Be able to improve the design of all the key screens that make up a shopping experience on the web
• You will be able to clearly identify what good design on mobile looks like and how to get there
• You’ll be able to frame your next pitch in a way that will focus on creating real customer value
Leave at the end of the workshop with clear paths to improve customer engagement and sales.
Designing for emotion
– Creating interfaces that really work
– Ben De Vleeschauwer, Karel de Grote-Hogeschool
Design is about communication; design is about people. The process of creation relies on the skills and experience of the designer. This workshop is for people who primarily work on digital projects; those who care about design, and who want to learn more about people, with the goal of making your designs more successful.
This workshop is practical guide for designers, so we won’t go into the nuances of psychology, particularly when discussing the different types of psychological approach. Many recourses will be mentioned, providing you a wider background and enabling you to go deeper into the areas I will present in the simplest way I can.
Great design is judged on how it makes you feel: emotion is key. This workshop won’t tell you every single psychology study you have to read. In fact, it shows very little theory. What it will show you is how to find, apply and advocate design using psychology.
Let me take you inside the brain of our users and show you how you can trigger certain areas, instincts and behaviours.
This workshop will give you some psychological superpowers, but we will also learn how to use them wisely 🙂

16:00 Pause – Bogudstilling lukker
16.30 Deltag I et fag, der ikke er dit eget
(4 rum: design, kommunikation, business, interaction)


Fredag 24/4 2015

9:00 Aftagerpanel:
“Hvilke kompetencer er vigtigst for en multimediedesigner at have, for at blive ansat hos dig?”
6-7 minutters oplæg fra hver paneldeltager + spørgsmål fra salen
Paneldeltagere: Frederik Hansen, Okaymonkey – Morten Bove, Cumuli (Sorø) – Christian Bennike, Dynaudio A/S

10:30 Pause
11:00 Input til litteraturlister – faggruppediskussioner
12:00  Creating happiness
– ‘How to let your students and yourself shine’
Ben De Vleeschauwer
This talk is packed with inspiration for the beginning teacher as well as for the more experienced teacher. How can your classes make your students really happy? And how can you keep on adding new ingredients to your classes, so they raise the hunger for more?
In this presentation you will see things Ben does in his classes: saying goodbye to the classroom, thinking inside the box, the typographic walk, hackathons & make-a-thons, storytelling, creative teaching, and some very unusual assignments,…
Ben will tell you the secret to making students get spontaneously for the Monday morning class. How to keep your audience. And how to make the front row seats in class attractive.
BEN DE VLEESCHAUWER, Teacher Media & Technology, Karel de Grote College University
Ben De Vleeschauwer has worked for 10 years as a creative in online and new media.
Recently he traded in his job as an art director for an exciting teaching job in Media and Technology. Some of the courses that he teaches are creative thinking, usability, user experience, graphic design, typography and web design.

13:00 Frokost

14:00 Generalforsamling I Multimediedesignerlærerforeningen